Faithfully Lost

The South Quarter by Dominuself

The South Quarter by Dominuself

In the transition over to SquareSpace, I am left thinking about all of my novels and trying to bring them over to you, the reader, in the best possible light I can think of. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I have a migraine rattling around in my brain case and have powerful prescriptions working at combating it so everything is a bit fuzzy.

I am currently in an epic battle with my second novel, The Faithful. It's a hard fought thing, a war that's been going on since I conceived this story almost six years ago. I should've known it'd be a troubled production to begin with. I went through at least four iterations, failed openings and re-imaginings just to start writing the completed novel I have now. I had a falling out with an instructor, have had to rethink, remake, redo the majority of the story because I was not a competent enough writer at the time to pull off the scenes I had planned ( that and I was just plain scared). Fast forward five years and I'm still fighting this war, beating my head against this beast and hoping that this time will be the final battle.

All this to say, I'm writing a lot. Or rather, attempting to. At the beginning of this month, before my wife and my grand trip to Alaska, I had written 8,056 words in a week. The next week, I managed it squeeze out another 2,726. Unfortunately, since that time my output has fallen to almost nil. Our Alaskan vacation was a lot of fun, but left me with almost no time to spend at the keyboard, then I had an epiphany about my story - I had chosen to go down the wrong path and, once again, would need to rewrite the majority of what I had done in the past month.

Now I have saved what I had written, because in all honest the vast majority can still be used (and will be) later in the book, but for the moment, it doesn't fit anymore and certain conversations between characters no longer work. To give a brief glimpse into the problem, in what I had written, a giant storm struck the city and segmented several of the characters. For now, the storm is not striking the city - it has been delayed (in a roundabout way) - and therefore any details I have relating to that storm can not be used and must be extricated from the story. Whenever the storm does strike, I can use what I have written and, seeing as it the story all takes place in this one city, it should all fit in quite nicely, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it.


Justin D. Herd

Justin D. Herd is a purveyor of the weird and strange. He occasionally squawks at friends and family, but does so only under the cover of night. Okay, that's not true. He squawks in full daylight. Drinking games have been built around his peculiarities, but the truth of it is this: he is a loving husband, with two wonderful dem--children. One growls at things he likes, including pretty women. The other has started to learn hand-eye coordination. Neither had made it to the tender age of three. From there, things will only get more interesting. He spends most of his writing time either at a coffee shop or sitting at one of his many desks around his house. Any other place makes it nearly impossible for him to write. He uses horror movies and rock music to help get the juices flowing. His favorite authors are Jeremy Robert Johnson, Alan Campbell, Terry Pratchett, Justin Cronin, and Patrick Rothfuss. He consumes most of his books through audiobooks, but still loves his personal library and getting lost in the printed word.