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Babel by Duster132

Babel by Duster132

Unfortunately, with all the chaos of the last week and the Memorial Day sale at my job, I've had little time to spend on writing. My normal day off was taken by my son, not that he's a burden, but I've come to refer to him as the "Tiny Tyrant." He wants to be paid attention to as much as possible, regardless of whether or not I've spent the last three hours dancing with him. I don't know how others do it, but I've been told by friends who have three or more children that we have the hardest baby.

Despite this, I've spent my time trying to get The Faithful into the hands of anyone who'll look at it. As a part of this, I have an editor who'll be going through the story to make sure its continuity is in tact and that I have a healthy blend of its noir elements and the fantasy. I've also tried my hand with Query Kombat, but was not chosen. Even with that, they were more than willing to look over my (updated) query and critique it. This was a great help, with little bits of the query that needed to be tweaked. Unfortunately, I seem to jump the gun when I'm excited and I sent out my newer, but flawed query to two more agents. I've now cleaned it up even more and have sent it to be gnawed on by The Query Shark. I doubt it'll get on there. I've tried at least four times in the past, but have never been deemed dreadful or amazing enough to be featured. Maybe this time that'll change.

I had been editing my wife's fourth novel, in hopes of having it cleaned up and stronger for when she had a professional look at it, but she's taken it on herself. I look forward to reading it when it's more cleaned up, though I was enjoying what I had of it.

So as you can see, with toying with The Crysallis, worldbuilding Convert35, and editing my wife's novel, I've had my plate full. The life of a writer is never dull.

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