A Tiny Update

Power of Loneliness by Nurkhular

Power of Loneliness by Nurkhular

I went underground, so to speak. I put my head to the grindstone and hard edited The Faithful to make it the best it could be. I've gone through two separate editors, which finally let me notice some of my manuscripts problems. As a result, I've spent more than my fair share of time in the basement, looking at different maps and trying to clarify the world. The setting has always been a bit of the problem, not only because I divined it out of nothing, but because I have a specific "feature" of the world: Oki's veins.

These veins are like glass channels that carve down alleys, streets, inside buildings. They're back lit, spilling blue light across any surface they come in contact with. They were originally a testament to the chief water goddess, but now that the city has lost its faith, they've become a mere aesthetic choice.

One of the problems with this feature is that it is intrinsic to the society. It's not merely something I can edit out of the novel because it comes into play heavily in the last act. My story is basically about a heathen society where the gods come back into town, then learn that they can die too. It's a cool concept, to be sure, but it's also all about the execution. If someone doesn't understand what these veins are, the entire illusion of the worldbuilding has failed. This has become the bane of this novel. Once I get this together, the pieces all fall into place.

As for the my current stats:

The Faithful

104 sent out
3 currently out
10 partial requests - 8 rejections
2 full requests - 1 rejection

I will talk about it later, but OWFI 2014's prevailing message was: SELF-PUBLISH!

More on that later this week.

My plans for this week are to continue working on The Magician, hopefully finishing it within the next week or two. I am pantsing this one (as I seem to always end up doing) so I'm not exactly sure when or how it's going to finish, but that's part of the fun!

See you guys later this week...


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