Whimsy Wednesday: The Desert Sanctuary

Environment 01 by Francis Tsai

Environment 01 by Francis Tsai

Erik adjusted his pack as he approached the derelict station. He fingered his canteen, dented and scarred beyond recognition, but knew it was empty. He kept trying to suck one last droplet out of it, anything to help his aching muscles. He hadn't been able to get a coherent thought through in the last two hours and the ache had only gotten worse.

Rusty creaking filled the air as he passed under a beam, hanging by a tangle of metal strands. Most of the structures here were a collection of discarded plates, doors, and struts, roughly molded into a shelter. Erik leaned into the side of a building, hiding from the relentless sun. The metal bore into his back, searing the leather harness his gun hung from.

He closed his eyes, thinking of the feel of the sea breeze. He got the barest flicker of the water as it splattered his face, way back in his youth, but then the arid air picked up, bringing another blast of sand in its wake. Ripped from his thoughts, he brushed errant strands of hair from his face and continued down the path through the twisted structures, in search of some place more like home.


Justin D. Herd

Justin D. Herd is a purveyor of the weird and strange. He occasionally squawks at friends and family, but does so only under the cover of night. Okay, that's not true. He squawks in full daylight. Drinking games have been built around his peculiarities, but the truth of it is this: he is a loving husband, with two wonderful dem--children. One growls at things he likes, including pretty women. The other has started to learn hand-eye coordination. Neither had made it to the tender age of three. From there, things will only get more interesting. He spends most of his writing time either at a coffee shop or sitting at one of his many desks around his house. Any other place makes it nearly impossible for him to write. He uses horror movies and rock music to help get the juices flowing. His favorite authors are Jeremy Robert Johnson, Alan Campbell, Terry Pratchett, Justin Cronin, and Patrick Rothfuss. He consumes most of his books through audiobooks, but still loves his personal library and getting lost in the printed word.