Whimsy Wednesday: Onion Film Standard

Welcome to the new Whimsy Wednesday! This section will now be a section that brings me joy of some sort. Sometimes it will just be a standalone post that quickly highlights something over the past week that I've come to enjoy or that I've become particularly enamored with. This week, I want to talk about the Onion Film Standard.

I was introduced to this simply by browsing the internet for videos and have become entranced with this feature of the Onion. I usually do not browse their website simply because too many get pulled into the trap that their articles are real, which I've grown to find tedious. I know it's not the best reason and that I should put it on the readers that aren't aware enough to know what they're reading.

However, I have become a true diehard of the Onion Film Standard, watching their videos multiple times and spreading them to anyone who will watch them. There are only a few, unfortunately, but every one of these has been quality material that always leaves you guessing. I won't ruin any of the gags for you, but I hardily recommend you check out some of their Catching Fire review and any of the Film Standard Classics (particularly Jaws).

Do any of these capture your imagination? Are there any absurd movie reviews that you've come to appreciate?


Justin D. Herd

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