August Goals / Collected Works #2

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Hey there! One Collected Works down, so many more to come! I was able to hit most of my goals, with the final one just coming down to people dropping out at the last minute. So what did I accomplish? Let's revisit last month's goals!

Last Month's Works

  1. Flesh out my Professional Facebook Page I put up all my posts that have been on this website, though I had to do some creative dating to do so. Turns out Professional Pages can only date back as far as the page was created. Would've been nice to know years ago, since I've been doing the whole "professional thing" for almost nine years. There are more things I'd like to do with it, but for the moment I've got the basics down.
  2. Hit 60,000 words on The Magician If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen me gushing about this. I finally finished The Magician after 7 months. I didn't quite hit 60k, instead I got to 55k but the damn thing is finished. It'll be a few weeks or more before I'll touch it again, but at least the ideas are there. They're sloppy, they're quick, but I've got all the time to clean it up.
  3. Prepare for the Next Kid As any parent will tell you, you are never prepared. We managed to make a dent in the housework, but there's still a dozen or two tiny things that need to be done. I've got the next nine days as part of my "vacation" so hopefully this baby is a bit more laid back than my first kid was.
  4. Come up with an alternative to Whimsy Wednesday While I haven't fully committed to it yet, I have played around with the new WW over the last few weeks. I like having a real brief glimpse into what entertains me and my thoughts on the project without writing a crazy long article on.
  5. Start a Podcast This is a bit of a sore subject with me. I had set dates, got everything ready, even tested out the technology . . . only to have the other participants fall through. We tried for another day, but that too fell through. With the new kid arriving today, I'm not sure when we'll hit this again. But we've got our day, got a few people interested, then we'll see how it goes.

This Month's Works

  1. Find Time to Work on a Novel I'm not sure at this point if I'm going to re-imagine my first novel like I was planning. But I might reuse my new setting for a sequel to one of my novels (hint: it's the only one completed). The idea just came to me today, so I'm not sure it's valid, but we'll see! Other than that, I might try to edit one of my novels but with the new baby and all...
  2. Record the First Episode of a Podcast I don't care if the baby is screaming and I'm running around like a chicken missing important bits, I'm going to record an episode of a podcast. As I said before, it would've been done but my fellow cronies dropped out on two different days. So, if I have to record one by myself, explaining my problems with movies and how I think certain ones could be improved, so be it.
  3. Submit to Pitch Wars I'm excited about this. Normally, I just participate in #PitMAD but this time around, I'm going to try to enter Pitch Wars. I think that last year the deadline had just past so I wasn't too worried about it, but seeing what's out there . . . it's a great opportunity.
  4. Survive New baby. Plus a toddler who is swiftly approaching two years old. A wife who will be recovering from the former. AND working a full-time job. This is going to be a hell of a month for me. Let's hope I can get anything done!

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