Scrambling for Inspiration


During my recent Alaskan vacation, I was without the ability to write for 10 days. This, of course, was during my sprint to finish my novel as quickly as possible and I had just finished putting down close to 15k words in as much time.

After nine days of anguish, my wife and I were left in Anchorage with several hours and no more crazy destinations to achieve. So what do a couple of tourists do with a seemingly endless amount of time?

We go to the museum.

Now I've become more acclimated to museums since meeting my wife. For the longest time, that was our destination any time we were out of town. This one was pretty traditional.

First floor: Historical Artwork
Second floor: Artifacts through Alaskan History
Third floor: Post-Modern Crap
Fourth floor: Glacier Gallery

Now my favorite part came with a tucked away gallery on the second floor.

It showcased each of the native Alaskan tribes, showing a looping video spread across seven monitors that talked about what it meant to them to be native in modern times. Beyond that, floor to ceiling glass cases contained artifacts, allowing you to see through them to the other tribes. Along those cases were touch screens that contained pictures, quotes, and knowledge about each of the pieces.

This is what my story needed.

So much so that any time my wife asked me what my favorite part of our trip was, my immediate answer was that gallery. Then, she'd roll her eyes, huff with indignation, and clarify, "Other than the museum."


Justin D. Herd

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